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Event Planning, Location and Budget

 Fourth.  Location

What are your space requirements? Think about a location that can accommodate your space needs. Think, too, about convenience for all those involved - is the location nearby? Clean? Well staffed? Reputable? Easy to find? Does it offer free parking? Will you need a stage? Podium? Audio/visual equipment? Special lighting? How will you set up the room/s? Is there handicapped access?

Fifth. Budget

Get together your event checklist and begin budgeting. Try to think of everything you could possibly need for this event. For assistance, Go to the PR Helper Event Checklist.

Following are some questions to ask when planning your event checklist (Excel File) and budget:

  • Staffing
    Who will staff the event?
    Do you need volunteers?
    What roles will staff need to play?
  • Transportation
    Are there transportation needs?
    Where will staff/guests park?
    Do you need shuttle service?
    Will you need to arrange for buses or limousines?
    Do you need to bag parking meters?
  • Security/Safety/Permits
    What issues need to be addressed?
    Do you need to hire security personnel?
    How about safety? Do you need any special permits?
    Do you need insurance?
  • Food and Beverage
    What type of meals/bar service do you anticipate? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Breaks? Hors d'oeuvres?
    How do you select a caterer?
    How do you control alcohol consumption/minors at the event?
    What will be the room arrangement? Cocktail tables? Dinner rounds?
    What kind of bar service do you want? Hosted or cash? What kind of drinks?
  • Entertainment/program
    What entertainment/program will you provide?
    What needs should be considered?
    Do you need stage/risers/sound/lights? Microphones?

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