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Event Planning, Objectives

 Second. Write down a couple of measurable objectives with a timeline.

Objectives read like this:

  • Raise $5000 by December 1, 20XX for XXx Charity
  • Break even on expense
  • Get media coverage from radio, newspaper and /or TV on or before
  • December 1, 20XX
  • Sign up 25 volunteers by November 1, 20XX

The reason to do this is so you have a way to evaluate your event - objectives help focus the discussion on whether the event was successful. If you meet them, great. If you exceed them, wonderful. If you don't meet them, that's okay too- next time you can do it differently.

Third. Figure out who will be invited and why they are likely to attend.

Tip: don't plan an event you wouldn't attend. If you wouldn't go, nobody else would either.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Who is going to support this event? Why?
  • What kind of event will accomplish the goal and objectives?
  • What special needs, (i.e., access, cultural, religious holidays or diets, etc.) of the group need to be considered?
  • When are the people involved available: staff/volunteers/sponsors/guests/press
  • Are there religious or cultural considerations?
  • What are the timing considerations?
  • Will your event conflict with holidays or major sporting events like the Super Bowl?
  • What is going to be easy and convenient for those involved?
  • How far out do you need to plan?
  • Who might sponsor this event?

Tip: Volunteers. Remember that you are liable for your volunteers. Rather than assume this responsibility, it may be better to have a group or organization do background checks and insure their own supply of volunteers/workers.

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