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Design your email and/or direct mail offer to stand out from the crowd

Use of color, graphics, easy navigation, large postcards, handwritten addresses, real stamps, all help attract the customer to the offer. Pick out several samples of email and direct mail that made you stop and look.  What was it that appealed to you?

We are most likely to open or look at advertising mail when:           

  • It looks like a check 
  • It contains an offer  - some kind of discount or coupon
  • It provides something for free – like a free sample
  • Save the email and direct mail you get this week and put aside the ones you actually looked at before you tossed them.  Think about what it was that made you stop and look.  

Remember that as with all advertising, customers need at least 3 repetitions before they really “see” an ad

This is why the neighborhood Realtor sends a monthly newsletter, and why you keep getting the same offers over and over.

Include the coupon or offer in your existing print ad.  Cost to you will be added advertising space, but you save postage and handling.

 Pay attention to the subject line

  • We’re in a big hurry, so the subject line may be as far as we go to see whether or not to open an email.  Think of the subject line as headline writing – short and to the point.  Example:  25% off Lynn’s shoes
  • Pay close attention to be sure your subject line isn’t confused with spam.  Make it look like an email you would open yourself.

 Pay attention to your sender address

  • Pay close attention to the email sender address – lots of people won’t open email from senders they don’t know- make your sender email address recognizable –use your company name in the address.

Don’t send attachments.

  • Do not send an attachment - Hire an artist or web person who can make your offer come up as regular email. 

Coupon Ideas

Create oversize or undersize play money in appropriate denomination. Note: don't make the play money the same size as real treasury bills and be sure that they look like play money, not real money to avoid running afoul of US government regulations on copying money.

Put your company logo on front and designate the coupon as "Walking Around Money" or "Special Bucks" or other designation.

Mail to patrons as a special offer, or provide them at your place of business as an incentive to buy.

Buy wooden "dollars" from an advertising specialties company with your logo imprinted on one side and the appropriate monetary designation on the other. Use these as promotional incentives. Make them available at your front entrance to encourage buying at your place of business. Give them to customers as a special "thank you" for their business. Provide them to patrons to use in lieu of cash at special events.

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