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Your existing customers are your best bet for return on email and direct mail offers
Ask your existing customers for information.  Basic information to obtain would be name, address, city, state, zip, phone, including cellphone, and email address to put into your customer database. You can do this at the register when customers make a purchase and/or by starting a Birthday or Anniversary club sign up, a register-to-win offer or similar data capture method. You can ask for additional demographic information as well.

Be sure to ask permission to send email or texts to these customers!

You could say something like, “Would you like to receive information about sales or other special offers?”  Don’t fret if a few people decline.

Buy email and/or direct mail lists that match your customer profile

Lists are available for virtually every kind of customer.  Find a responsible list service and ask about buying lists that match your geography and your customer demographics.  You will probably pay extra for every delimiter.  For example, age range 25-54 years, income $50,000+ in xxxxx zip code would be 3 delimiters. Remember, the better you can target your message to the audience, the better your response will be.  Your local phone company may be a place to start asking about buying targeted lists.

ONLY buy permission email and phone numbers


Unwanted email or texting turns customers off and often makes them angry. Places to get email and/or mobile phone permission lists: 

Create a data capture function on your website

Save email from respondents, receive permission to email again, gather customer information and create an “A” list for future offers. Use coupon codes to capture information from offers online, at the register or from the phone.

Update your list
Periodically purge your mailing lists so you are not wasting resources.

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