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Designing Your Website, Page 6

The size of the site big enough to carry all of the things you want to get across? Your website is the ideal place to send your customers for more information. Most consumers now look on the web for detailed information on products and services.


Does video enhance your website message? Does video add to the appeal? Does the quality of the video reflect the quality of your product? Remember that viewers see state-of-the-art video on television and on major internet sites several hours each day. If your video does not compare wel,l forget it.

Online ordering

Is your ordering procedure clear? Is it easy? Is it secure? Do you provide your ordering procedure on your site in writing? Do you provide instant feedback via email confirming the order? How about tracking the order? Do you provide a follow-up message once the order is received asking for feedback regarding customer satisfaction? Do you post your policies and procedures?  Your position on returns?

Database collection

Do you have a permission procedure in place that allows you to collect email, phone numbers, addresses, etc.  from site visitors? This information can be used to assemble a targeted database. You can use the database to provide special offers and incentives to people who have already shown interest in your product or service.

Advertising and SEO

Do you have sufficient keywords embedded in your site to enable your site to show up on major search engines? If not, talk to your programmer about doing this.

Do you have your website address listed on ALL of your materials - you cards, your invoices, you brochures, fliers, ads, your signage outdoors and indoors, your social media sites? BE SURE to give your website address on all of your materials. This is the best advertising you can do!

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