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Designing Your Website, Page 4

Type size
Is the type big enough to read easily ? 12 px type is easiest to read in body copy - that is what we are using here - If you go smaller than that, it becomes proportionately harder to read.

This is 10 pt.

This is 8 pt.

Type smaller than 8 pt. is very difficult to read., which is why a lot of disclaimers (like those on the back on the offers for credit cards) are in such small point type.

Headlines generally are in bigger, bolder type.
Easiest to read is capitals and lower case.

Sally said.

Hardest to read is all capitals.

fF you use all capitals, use it in the biggest headlines where it is easier to read. Or to emphasize a word. DO NOT USE ITALICS. They are too hard to read.

The typeface should be proportionate to the importance of each line of your message. For example:

Use of typeface to emphasize different parts of the message also saves space and provides visual interest to the reader, in addition to attracting the reader to the most important parts of the message.

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