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Designing Your Website, Page 2

Things to consider

A website is primarily a visual medium. Thus effective website design relies on the same characteristics of good design used for any print material.


Who is the audience for your site, exactly? Is it men, women, teens? What age range do they represent? Where do they live? How? Can they afford the product or service? What do the sites tell you about their wants, needs, values, lifestyle? How does this audience match the audience for your product or service? How does it differ?


What is the site appealing to in the audience? Is it a rational appeal backed up by statistical information, pros and cons needed for thorough research and a decision that is not made very quickly and only after much thought? If so, what techniques are used? Statistics? Comparisons? Reports?

Or is the appeal emotional, aiming for a quick decision. If so, what is the emotional appeal? Status? Fear? Greed? Ego? Guilt? Patriotism? Independence? Need for Love and Belonging?

What appeal will be most effective for your product or service?
See Create an effective advertising appeal.


Is your website name easy to spell? If not, does your program allow customers to find the site through various misspellings? Is the name easy to remember? Will customers instinctively relate the name to your product or service? Is your logo easy to read?

Server compatibility

Does the site appear the same on all servers, or does it look different? If so, how can you programmer adjust for this? Do colors or typestyles need to change?

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