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Media Relations

Working with Media

As you become more prominent in the business community and develop a strong PR presence, [your company name] will have more exposure to reporters from newspapers, magazines, wire services, television news shows or radio news shows.

Hopefully, that media interest will center on the great things that are happening at [your company name], one of your terrific staff members, or the wonderful things you are doing to help other members of your community.

However, the media may become interested in what's happening at your business when they hear from a disgruntled consumer or when there is an incident. You need to be prepared to handle the media in both situations.

What You Should Know About the Media

Reporters' lives (not unlike the rest of ours) are hectic and are driven by deadlines. Their business, like yours, is intensely competitive, and they are held to very high standards for the accuracy and timeliness of their stories, deadlines and the imperative to find and pursue interesting, newsworthy stories.

You will have the most positive experiences with the media if you are aware of their busy schedules and tight deadlines and can be responsive to them. Having a personal relationship with reporters in your area also helps.

Below are some guidelines that should be helpful in distributing information about interesting things your business is doing:

5 Guidelines to remember when working with the media

  • Communicate with the media in a format that is helpful to them. Most media outlets like to receive news releases about upcoming events well in advance of the event you'd like them to cover.

  • Contact your company spokesperson or PR representative with the information as soon as possible so a news release can be prepared in a timely manner.

  • Be aware of deadlines. Knowing deadlines for the reporters helps present your story in a timely and effective manner.

  • Never call an advertising representative or advertising department with a story idea.

  • Don't pester reporters. If a reporter isn't interested in your story, be polite and thank them for their time. They will appreciate your help and might contact you in the future. Never present old information or incomplete stories. Don't waste reporters time unless you have something newsworthy.

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