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10 Critical Action Steps During A Crisis

Crisis Communication Action Plan

The purpose of the crisis communication and media relations action steps are to provide clear, accurate and timely information during the time of a crisis. The following steps need to be taken in the event the organization is involved in a crisis situation.

Step 1: Establish a Crisis Team

The purpose of the crisis team is to identify potential crises and establish a standard set of guidelines and procedures to be followed in a crisis.

The team will identify people who will be available immediately to engage in fact finding, damage assessment, selecting and training appropriate spokesperson(s), managing internal and external communication, medical and emergency procedures and evacuation. This team generally is made up of organization officers, public relations and human resources personnel.

Crisis team members are equipped with 24-hour emergency pagers and/or cell phones so that they may be immediately contacted in the event of a crisis. The team will most likely be contacted in the event of Severe or Extreme crisis situations. In some cases, one or more members of the group may be involved in Moderate or Mild in the capacity of corporate or other stakeholder.

Members of the crisis team are: [list names, titles and phone numbers, email, cellphone and pager].

Step 2: Identify Members of the Crisis Management Team

Crisis team members identify members of the crisis management team, supervisors and/or staff members responsible to implement the decision of the crisis team. These team members are responsible for implementing the steps decided upon by the crisis team.

Crisis management team members are: [list names, titles, phones, email, cellphone, pagers]

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