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Crisis Plan Template, Work Injury Step-by-Step Checklist

What to do if you are injured at work, continued.

7. If, after you are back to work, your injury or illness re-occurs or cause some other kind of problem, let your supervisor know immediately. This is important so that you can be excused from work and receive prompt medical treatment.

8. If you have a question or problem regarding your illness/injury or your claim, see your supervisor or call _______________ at _________. Most problems are easy to straighten out once you let us know about them.

9. If you ever receive a bill for treatment, take it to your supervisor as soon as you can. You are not responsible for payment for treatment received for work-related illnesses or injuries, but don't throw away your bill as it is important to take it to your supervisor so that things can be straightened out.

10. Remember: If you go to a medical facility other than one approved by the insurance company, and it isn't a life-or-limb threatening situation, you must pay for your treatment yourself.

11. In a life-or-limb threatening situation, you can go to the nearest health facility for help, whether it is on the approved list or not. You can then transfer to an approved facility and take care of the paperwork when you are able.Questions? Problems? Please call:______________________

Emergency Preparedness and Natural Disasters

Probable Enemy Attack

  • All staff are expected to stay at work
  • All breaks, planned excursions, and outdoor activities will be canceled.
  • All doors, windows and louvers are to be closed.
  • All machinery is to be shut down.
  • Personnel are to move to the building shelter.
  • DUCK & COVER: If a very brilliant flash or heavy shock occurs, act as follows: if indoors, drop to the floor. Get under a desk or heavy table. Stay out of line of flying glass. Shield face and head.
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