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Crisis Plan Template, International Tension & Natural Disaters

International Tension or Natural Disasters

  • Dismissal procedures will be used during periods of international tension when war seems imminent or when natural disasters threaten the community.

  • Supervisors should not dismiss workers at any time until they receive permission from the crisis team.

  • Notification of dismissal will be communicated to the supervisors by [list methods such as email, written notice, intercom, etc.]. Such dismissal notice will also be communicated by the telephone, radio, or television upon the recommendation of the Office of Emergency Preparedness or other reliable source, such as the National Weather Service.

  • Given information to dismiss the staff, the supervisor should release employees immediately.

Civil Disturbances

A  civil disturbance may be defined as a gathering of persons outside of the building to demonstrate a grievance with the organization. When there is a rumor that a civil disturbance will take place, the crisis team, security aides, and supervisors will monitor strangers on company property or across the street.

If strangers begin to gather, one crisis team member will talk to the group, asking about the nature of the gathering and request that the group move to the sidewalks. Upon returning to the building, based on the information that was acquired, the crisis team will provide further instructions.

  • If the group is hostile, all doors, windows and gates will be closed. Supervisors or other staff members will be stationed at each entrance. Plain clothed policemen will also be requested.

  • If members of the group injure persons or damage property, the police will be called for protection.

  • In the event of a crisis, it may be necessary to implement emergency and/or evacuation response procedures. Building evacuation plans exist for each facility and practice drills are held quarterly. In the event of an evacuation, these procedures will be followed.

  • If work is cancelled, the crisis team will decide when work will resume. 

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