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Crisis Plan Template, Floods & Earthquakes


When heavy rainstorms occur, or spring runoff from mountain snows is heavy, the danger of floods becomes considerable for organizations located in natural or man-made drainage areas. Alertness to the possibility of flood conditions is of primary importance for the safety of all staff. When a flood is imminent, the following plans are appropriate:

  • The simplest procedure for the protection of staff members is to remove them from places of danger.
  • If time permits for staff members to reach home, they should be dismissed with a warning of caution to go directly to their residence. This will be at the discretion of the supervisor.
  • If time does not permit dismissal, staff members should be moved to locations on higher ground.
  • When there is danger of an immediate flooding condition, move all staff to the upper floors.


Earthquakes generally occur without any advance warning. Because initial quakes or shocks are usually the most severe, procedures will be based on this premise. Training in the procedures will assist in providing a basis for survival.

When in the building:

  • Move to a location against a supporting wall, usually an inside wall is preferred to an outside wall.
  • A position under a structural arch in a building provides a better location than others.
  • Falling objects are the greatest hazard during an earthquake. Of special concern is the possibility of pictures and other potentially dangerous objects hanging on the walls or the ceiling falling on occupants.
  • Evacuation of a building should be made as soon as possible after the initial shock and it becomes apparent that staff would not be endangered by falling debris.
  • When outside the building, remain outside and away from other buildings. Stay away from power poles and from under power lines.
  • The building's facility manager and custodians will attempt to shut off public utilities either before, during or immediately after an earthquake.

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