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Crisis Plan Template, Employee Accidents, Workers' Compensation

Transportation of Staff in Case of Accidents

Have staff arrange for their own transportation unless an extreme emergency arises. In such emergency, supervisors should contact [designated personnel].

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits are available in [give locations]. All staff members should locate the nearest kit so he/she will have ready access to it if necessary. Every supervisor with a first aid kit in his/her area is responsible for seeing that it is adequately stocked at all times. Supplies needed are to be ordered in accordance with standard ordering procedures.

Employee Accidents - Workers' Compensation

Accident Report

When an employee is injured, he/she MUST report to his/her supervisor so that an Accident Report can be filed.

The Accident Report is filed with the Division of Labor, so it is important that the form is complete.

Reports of on-the-job injuries must be forwarded to the district workers' compensation office within two working days from the date of injury.

Accident Reports are used to enforce safety rule violations and as a basis for investigating claims when necessary.

Workers' Compensation

The company utilizes [give name] as the designated provider for all workers' compensation injuries. There are [give number] clinics for our employees to access. They are listed in the appendix.

"Medical Services Authorization" forms will be used. The "Medical Treatment" section will authorize treatment for the injured employee. On the reverse side of the form are clinic locations, phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation. Any emergency or after hours care needs to be referred to [give appropriate name].

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