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Crisis Plan Template, Air Pollution & Other Disasters

Air Pollution

The Department of Health is presently using an air pollution reporting method called the Pollution Standards Index (PSI) to show at a glance how badly the air in the Metropolitan area is polluted from day to day. The air quality is measured and reported as follows (not PSI reading):

A. Good     0 -- 50
B. Acceptable   51 -- 100
C. Poor 101 -- 200
D. Extremely Poor 201 -- 300
E. Dangerous 301 -- 500

It is important that all personnel think seriously about what to do should the PSI reach a certain level. Should the need arise, the crisis team will determine what to do and the [spokesperson name] will instruct personnel over the intercom. The spokesperson will keep all personnel apprised as necessary.

Other Dangerous Situations

Immediate response for sniper, hostage, gang attacks, persons armed and threatening with a weapon, bomb threats and any situation that would involve immediate danger to staff.

For all extreme emergencies, the immediate supervisor will notify 911, Police/Fire/Ambulance, if applicable, and [crisis team member name].

An announcement will be given via [list ways as email, intercom, written communiqué, etc]. It will say " _________________" (coded announcement.) When this announcement is heard, supervisors will know to secure their areas and keep all staff in the area until otherwise notified by an announcement, "______________" (coded announcement)," or a written communiqué is distributed.

Extreme Emergency - Crisis Situations

Pull the nearest fire alarm.

Notify [give name] of the crisis situation immediately after pulling the alarm. The appropriate steps will be taken to notify proper authorities and get the situation under control.

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