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Crisis Communication Action Steps

 Step 6: Identify Affected Audiences

Each organization has different audiences that could be impacted to one degree or another by a crisis situation. These audiences or stakeholders must be identified by the crisis team in order to design appropriate methods of communicating with each audience. Some communication methods may be the same, but others may differ.

Examples of audiences are:

  • Customers
  • Donors
  • Employees
  • Family Menbers of Employees
  • General Public
  • Media
  • Neighboring Businesses
  • Stockholders
  • Board of Directors

Step 7: Develop Internal Crisis Communication Strategies

Immediately upon learning of a crisis, the crisis tem will engage in fact finding in order to assess the severity and scope of the crisis. It is important to remember that the goal of the team is to provide accurate, clear information with a goal of promoting safety of all concerned. Clear, accurate information will help stem panic and rumor, thus determining the facts is a priority.

Once the facts have been determined, the team will decide on the immediate steps to be followed and what procedures to follow to inform each affected audience. For example, the media audience should be contacted only by the company spokesperson.

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