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Buying Radio, Page 3

 Rating points

This is a point system sometimes used to measure ad efficiency and the cost of obtaining the desired reach and frequency. Target points may vary depending on your objective. Following is the formula used to measure rating points

Reach x Frequency = rating points

  1. 60% reach x 3.5 frequency=210 rating points
  2. Target rating points are those that are figured using your target audience, i.e. men 28-24.
  3. Gross rating points are those that are figured using all adults
  4. You can then divide the cost of the schedule by the number of points to get a "cost per point", a measurement of how much you are spending to achieve the desired reach and frequency.
  5. Look carefully at your schedule to see if you are reaching enough listeners enough times to have a good effect. Then, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate the price.
  6. Look over the initial proposal
  • Go back to the rep with your changes and what you will pay
  • Ask for a final proposal

Value added

 Many radio stations offer opportunity for "value added" promotions that will accompany your buy on the station and widen your exposure.

These promotions can be invaluable in creating "buzz" or Top of Mind about your product or service. They include such things as delivering free food samples to radio DJs, participation in station special promotions, providing tickets or other products for giveaways on air, taking booth space at station events, asking for "live remotes" where stations send their DJs to your place of business to do a live broadcast.

See Promotions and Top of Mind

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