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Buying Radio, Page 2

Answer the following questions and bring the information to the meeting:

 Is your customer is more likely to be male or female -you can figure this as a percentage, for example, 60% female and 40% male.

What age range best fits your customer? 

Everybody from 12 years on up (12+)

  •             18-24
  •             25-34
  •             35-44
  •             45-54
  •             55+
Ask your representative to provide you with listener information that fits the male/female and age ranges you provide. Ask the rep to provide you with a list ranking this station with other stations in the market in these specific demographics.
Ask your representative to provide you with lifestyle information/psychographics about these listeners.
NOTE: The number of listeners you are trying to reach will vary depending on the day and the time of day. Look for the best days and times for your customers.
Decide how many weeks your ad should be on the radio, and when. Ask your representative to prepare you a three week "flight" or advertising schedule that shows you what days and times your ads will be on the air.
Ask your representative to be sure and provide you with a "reach" and "frequency" number for your schedule.

The frequency number is the average number of times the listeners will hear your ad.
This number has to be 3 or more in order for your ads to have any effect.
Reach is the total number of listeners who will hear your ad
To increase reach, add day parts (cum audience)
To increase frequency, add more ads
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