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Websites Bring Credibility (and Customers!) to Business

Designing your Website

The vast majority of consumers today use the web to research products and services BEFORE they buy. They expect legitimate business to have a website. Even though your customers may ultimately buy at your physical location, the increase in use of the web by potential customers makes it absolutely necessary to maintain a site for your product or service. A website not only provides instant information to your customer, but important credibility for your business. A website means you are for real.

Remember that today's consumer is in a big hurry. We are overwhelmed with work, family, school, children, meetings, moves, and a myriad of other duties and activities. We like things to be QUICK AND EASY. Your customer should be able to QUICKLY find what you are selling and EASILY understand your message.

Don't make me work to find out what you're selling.

Steps to follow

  • Look on the web and find sites that are appealing to you. Think about what it is about the sites that attracts you to them.
  • Find 3 sites that are maintained by your competitors. Analyze what is effective, and, importantly, what is not.

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