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TV Advertising

More people watch television now than ever before. In fact, 90% of us get 90% of our information from TV.

All this adds up to TV as excellent tool for advertisers.

Like radio, TV offers the advantage of drawing very specific groups of viewers. It is not difficult to figure out who is watching, and whether they are likely to be your customers! With the advent of cable and digital technology, the TV market has become very segmented - new channels reach very distinct audiences. This is good for advertisers who want to reach specific targets.

Digital TV that allows integrated TV and Internet systems is in its infancy, but has the potential to create all sorts of new venues for advertisers from TV to Internet, to CD, to IPOD in just a few clicks.

If you know your audience, TV is very effective and a good use of your advertising dollar.

There are five major TV networks currently operating in the US: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CNN. In addition, viewers in your area should have access to at least one public television station (PBS). All of these networks offer national news and entertainment programs. Local network stations, either owned by or affiliated with the five major networks, include sports and weather in locally produced newscasts.

Very few local network affiliates produce entertainment programming because it is so expensive. Some local affiliates produce early morning magazine format news shows that precede national shows like Good Morning America, Today and The Early Show.

Locally produced news shows may also be available at noon, in the afternoon prior to the national network news, and at around 10 or 11 pm in the evening. These local news shows may be a good way to reach a large audience in your demographic.

Prime time - the hours between 7 and 10 pm - is the most expensive TV advertising. This is because the entertainment shows during these hours draw the biggest audiences.

Early morning and late night programming is usually the least expensive because it contains the least watched shows. A general rule of thumb with TV is the more viewers, the more expensive the advertising time.

If you want to know the demographic of the audience watching at any particular time, take note of the commercials that run during the show. You will have a very good idea about the makeup of the audience for that program. For example, the demographic of the audience watching ABC daytime soap operas will be different from the demographic of the audience watching ABC Wide World of Sports.

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