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Designing Print

Design plays a critical role in relaying your message and appeal. Good design attracts attention, promotes a positive impression and helps your customers remember you. Bad design does just the opposite.

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Increasingly sophisticated design tools and a global economy have resulted in high expectations from consumers. Today's consumer travels the world on the web, and often forms an impression of who you are and what you stand for based solely on the visual image you present. A well thought-out, well crafted design enhances the positive impression you want to make.

Logos, stationery, business cards

One of the first steps a business takes is to design a company logo bearing the name and image that appears on all printed materials including the website.

photo by David Cornwell

Logo design

A logo becomes the brand identification for a business. It's worth spending time and effort to make sure the logo does its job.

A good logo should:

  • Tell at first glance what the business does
  • Be designed in black and white and in color
  • Look equally good in black and white or in color
  • Be easy to read when it is small as well as when it is big
  • Be easy to read on any store signage, outdoor and indoor
  • Be easy to read on any premium items, like pens or key chains
  • Does not have to include any photos or graphics, other than the typeface, to be effective. (FEDEX)

Look at logos that you like. Figure out what it is about them that you like. Make a list of the things you like best and design your own logo accordingly.

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