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Out of Home Advertising, Page 3

Outdoor advertising vehicles

Outdoor advertising, also known as billboard advertising, is a time-tested method of calling attention to a product or service. It is critical, however, to know your target market - for example, likely daily travel routes to and from work - to get the maximum value from this tool.

It is always a good idea when buying billboards to obtain a site close to your office or business so clients, investors, employees and customers can see it every day! It is a great morale booster!

Types of outdoor displays

Permanent bulletins

As the name implies, permanent bulletins are painted display boards that remain in one location for the entire length of the contract. This may be anywhere from three months to three years.

Rotary bulletins

These are painted bulletins that can travel to different locations during the term of the contract. A minimum number of months are required and the bulletin is usually in one location for 2 or more months.

Bulletins are available in a number of different sizes depending on the market in which you are investigating. As you can see below there are a large number of sizes that qualify as bulletins, and this is just a small example:

  • 20' wide x 60'high
  • 14' wide x 48'high
  • 10'6" wide x 36'high
  • 10' wide x 40'high

Paint vs. paperbulletins

Bulletins are usually painted boards, but can also be printed on paper or on a special vinyl. Painted boards are more durable, but more expensive to produce than paper. If the display is for a short time, and weather is good, paper may suffice.

Bulletin extensions

Bulletin extensions also may be available. The extension is a portion of the advertisement's design that goes beyond the normal size of the board. Additional dollars are charged for the space.

Illuminated bulletins

Illuminated boards include lights which highlight the advertising message at night and in the early morning.

Non-Illuminated boards do not have lights and have limited viewing hours.

Think about when most of your audience will see the boards, then decide about lighting them. Remember, this will change from summer to winter, especially with daylight savings.

Poster panels

Also referred to as a 30-sheet, these panels are smaller than bulletins. On average the poster panel is 9'6" high x 21' wide.

As the name implies, posters are designed to accommodate paper panel advertising for shorter periods of time. Posters have the advantage of greater flexibility than the bigger, more expensive bulletins.

Junior panels

This is also referred to as an 8-sheet, and is the smallest of the three sizes, measuring on average 5' high x 11' wide. These panels are better for specific neighborhood advertising, where automobile speeds are lower.

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