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Bus benches

As with bus advertising, an important consideration with bus bench advertising is the flow of traffic in the community you wish to reach.

Ask your rep for the demographic and lifestyle information and match it to your target audience. It is critical, to know your target market - for example, likely daily travel routes to and from work - to get the maximum value from this tool.

Remember that weather also plays a factor in the dead of winter, or in a very rainy market, bus benches may not be ideal. Remember, as with all outdoor advertising, before you buy make sure you, or a trusted member of the staff, does a "ride" with the rep and checks on all aspects of the potential and alternate benches.

Ask these questions:

  • Do you have a clear view of the bench?
  • Are there any buildings, trees or other signs in the way?
  • Will you be able to read the bench from the other side of the street?
  • How far away will you be when you see the bench?
  • What other advertising is near the bench?
  • How many words can you read on a bench going 30 mph? 40? 50? 60?

Height of the letters and the number of letters that can be read vary widely at different speeds. For example, if you are on the highway going better than 60 mph, you will be unable to read more than five or six words on a billboard. The rule of thumb is: one inch of letter height for every mph of speed. Thus, if you are going 60, your letters should be 5-feet high. 

Think about bench ads that made a lasting impression on you. Was it the color? The graphics? The words? Look at bench ads when you are driving. Which ones don't work very well? Are they too cluttered? Too hard to read? Too much doing on? Unclear?

Look around and see what the competition is doing, and check the guidelines for designing your advertising.message and designing your print ad before you place your bench advertising

Bus and train shelters

Often, shelters have an advertising space that measures 48" x 72". Shelters and posters are a good way to penetratate into different urban locations. Ask what is available and try to expand your buy at no charge!

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