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Out of Home Advertising

A number of advertising vehicles are covered under the "Out of Home" moniker. These include:

  • Bus/Transit Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Permanent Bulletins
  • Rotary Bulletins
  • Poster
  • Junior Poster
  • In-Theater Movie Advertising

Bus/transit advertising

Bus showings are designed to reach a specific target market and provide a measurable reach and frequency.

An important consideration before committing to bus advertising is the flow of traffic in the community you wish to reach. Often all buses will begin at a central garage and branch out every day. Make sure that you find out exactly where the buses you are advertising on are going and when. You can then match the routes to the likely routes taken by your target audience(s).

Weather also plays a factor. In the dead of winter, or in a very rainy market, the cleanliness of the bus is very important.

Production of bus signs takes time. Make sure that you ask exactly what is needed, what the timeline will be to get your signs on the buses, and what the bus advertising company will supply in the way of production assistance. Find out exactly what you will be expected to pay for.

Most bus showings are for a specific period of time, set in weeks or months. Find out how long your signs will be expected to physically last, when they will be replaced due to weather or vandalism, and any costs involved. Design your sign to last for the time specified.

Bus advertising is available in most major markets. Advertising is generally available on the outside and on the inside of the bus.

The outside of the bus can hold a "king" size sheet (144" x 30"), a "queen" size sheet (88" x 30") and the "tail light - back of the bus" size sheet (72" x 21"). Outside bus advertising can also be purchased by the side of the street your sign is on. Advertisers often will request the "curb side" to insure exposure to those people on the sidewalks. Some markets now offer ful bus wrap ads - a great way to attract attention!

Advertising inside the bus is usually placed over the windows. If your target audience is riding the bus, this is a good way to reach them.

Bus advertising is available in most major markets.

Think about bus ads that made a lasting impression on you. Was it the color? The graphics? The words? Look at bus ads when you are driving. Get on the bus and look at the inside ads. Which ones don't work very well? Are they too cluttered? Too hard to read? Too much going on? Unclear?

Look around and see what the competition is doing, and check the guidelines for designing your advertising message and designing your print ad prior to producing your bus signs.

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