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Newspaper/Magazine Advertising

Getting the best bang for the buck

Image by Joe Marquette

Newspapers and magazines offer you the ability to potentially reach a large percentage of potential buyers. "Potentially" is used because not every reader will see your ad. If you are selling carpet, people who are not interested in buying carpet will most likely not spend time with your ad, if they note it at all. However, if they want to buy carpet, readers will notice your ad right away.

Photo by Pulitzer Prize winner Joe Marquette

In addition to the unique visual platform for delivering the message, newspapers and magazines offer the added bonus of a hands-on message that readers can refer back to or clip out and keep on the refrigerator. It also provides a vehicle for coding advertising through coupons, phone numbers or code numbers which help you evaluate the effectiveness of your ad.

Evaluating newspapers and magazines

Daily vs. Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Annually

Daily newspapers are more thoroughly read, cover national and international news and reach more people than the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newspaper. Smaller, less frequent newspapers, however, may offer geographic coverage or lifestyle content that is more efficient.

Magazines offer highly targeted audiences living in specific geographic areas and/or engaged in specific interests as well. Magazine readers tend to be loyal to the magazine and also support the advertisers.

Readers now look at the online versions of newspapers and magazines.  Check out the website of the publication you are thinking about advertising with, and find out how much and where you could advertise online. 

Consider geography

Daily newspapers generally cover large geographic areas and are not necessarily cost-effective ways to reach users for your product or service that may only be readily available in a small geographic area of the market. Your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newspaper or magazine may be a better opportunity. Or, the daily paper may offer ability for your ad to appear only in a specific area of the city.

Consider audience

Daily newspapers target mass audiences. Smaller newspapers and magazines target more specific audiences. For example, some small newspapers and magazines specifically target readers who live in a specific neighborhoods while others target only readers who are sports fans. Still others seek only readers who are young people or who are elderly, or who are interested in the outdoors, or who are interested in the arts, or a myriad of other demographic categories.

All of these publications may target specific audiences within their pages, offering special sections such as Main News, Sports, Finance, Lifestyle, etc.

Knowledge of target audiences helps you get in front of the readers most likely to read and act upon your ad.

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