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Yellow Pages and Directories

Advertising in telephone/online directories can be an inexpensive method of reaching customers ready to buy.  However, it is important to note that we are trending away from land lines and hard copy directories with significantly increased use of cellphones and the Internet to access information.

Currently, according to the Pew Research Center, ( 85% of American adults own a cell phone, one out of every four Americans only has a celluar phone, and another 18% only get calls from cellphones. Certain groups have higher cell phone useage, 30% of HIspanics are cellphone only, and 49% of adulst 25-29.

Only 2% of households do not have a phone.(

According to the most recent Nielson Company Report on home access( about 80% of US households have a computer and most have Itnernet access.

Check with your directory representative to see if your yellow pages listing will appear in the online yellow pages. You want your information to appear on the web in as many places as possible!

Telephone directory advertising is sold on an annual basis. Check with your phone company and find out when the deadlines are for the directories in your area to avoid waiting a whole year to be listed in the printed book. If the deadline is past, ask if you can be listed online prior to being listed in the next print version.

Questions to ask your directory representative:

  • How many directories do you publish?
  • Where are they distributed?
  • Do you have area-specific editions of the directory, in addition to a main directory?
  • Do you provide an online directory?
  • How often do you update your online directory?

If your business appeals to customers in a specific geography, you may not need to have a listing appear in editions where your customers are unlikely to reside.

Look around and see what the competition is doing, and check the guidelines for designing your advertising message and designing your print ad prior to placing your directory advertising.

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