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Email, Mobile, Direct Mail & Sampling

Email, mobile text and/or direct mail may seem like cheap ways to reach customers, but they can be very expensive if you haven’t done your homework! 

These are all very similar marketing tools – it is the distribution method that is different.

Email uses Internet delivery which provides quick customer access with savings on postage and printing.

Mobile text uses cellphone text directory which also provides quick customer access and saves on postage and printing.

Direct mail uses traditional home delivery methods with associated printing and postage costs, but also with tactile, “in-hand” advantages and opportunities for product sampling.

All of these methods offer ways to:

  • target specific audiences
  • contact and build relationships with current and prospective customers with information and offers.

These methods require careful planning for best results. Expect about the same return rate with email and mobile  as with direct mail – 1% to 3% is about average depending on how targeted your list actually is. The better you target, the higher return you can expect.

 Who should get my email, mobile text and/or direct mail marketing message?
No sense sending to people who aren’t interested! Be able to describe your customers in terms of demographics, geography, likes and dislikes. You should have at least three different customer descriptions (or more) and an idea of about what percent of your business each type of customer represents.

  Sample primary target

  • At-home female
  • Age 24-44
  • Median household income $75,000 +
  • Owns home
  • Married with 2 children living at home
  • Some college

Sample brief description of primary target customer

The primary target customer is the active female homemaker who is busy with home, school and community activities. She is interested in the health and welfare of her children and family.  She volunteers for school and community activities and maintains a busy social schedule.  She is an excellent cook and entertains often in her home

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