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12 Things to Remember While Presenting or Speaking

What to do during your speech or presentation.

1.  Scoot to the edge of your chair when you are introduced.

  • Sitting on the edge of your chair instead of down into it will allow you to slide forward and stand up smoothly, avoiding any awkwardness in getting up.

2.  Do not lock your knees.

  • Stand with knees slightly bent, legs about as far apart as your shoulders. This gives you the ease and stability you want. 

  • Locking your knees makes you tense. It also blocks the blood flow and can make you pass out.

3.  Smile.

  • A smile helps you connect with your audience. 

  • It is a friendly gesture, and generally speaking, will result in a positive reciprocal reaction with the audience - they will feel friendly toward you.


  • Remember, the audience will believe you are thinking when you are paused. This is good.

  • Top-notch speakers frequently use pauses to let their words sink in; think about what  they want to say next; or to gather their thoughts.

  • Audiences appreciate thoughtful speakers.

5.  SLOW DOWN.  

  • You will almost always automatically speak faster in front of an audience.

  • Slow down and breathe. 

6.  If you start to feel jittery or your voice shakes, or your knees shake: 


  • Clench and unclench your buttocks and/or your toes.  When you unclench, you will automatically breathe, and that will help.  You can do this whenever you feel you need to do it.

7. If you feel yourself getting dry throat (which is very common) feel yourself getting dry throat (which is very common) or you are  jittery:

  • Stop, take a drink of water, breathe, then continue. 

  • Your audience will think you have paused because you are thoughtful and smart.

  • Remember that silence is a good thing. It helps us think.

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