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10 Clear and Easy Steps to Follow When A Reporter Calls.

 10 Steps to Follow When a Reporter Calls You

  1. Designate a company media contact.
  2. Inform the staff that all media calls should be directed to the spokesperson(s) and all information going to the media should come from the spokesperson.
  3. Place spokesperson numbers near all telephones and/or with receptionists, in plain sight.
  4. Find out what the reporter's deadline is and what he or she wants to know. Explain that you need to gather or check on some of the information, and offer to have your public relations person or company spokesperson get back in touch with him or her before the deadline.
  5. Contact your company spokesperson or public relations person and explain the situation and any questions the reporter may have asked. They will help you walk through your response or put the reporter in touch with a spokesperson if appropriate.
  6. The appropriate spokesperson will get back in touch with the reporter before his or her deadline, as promised and answer as many questions as they can. Answers should always be simple and straightforward.
  7. If there are questions that can't be answered, explain why.If you are the designated spokesperson, ask the reporter when the story is likely to appear.
  8. Ask for a copy when it appears.Discuss any necessary follow-up (letters to the editor, more conversation with the reporter) with the appropriate company spokesperson.
  9. Build a strong relationship with local media outlets -- it is a great way to build [your company name]'s reputation.
  10. Notify the appropriate company spokesperson or PR representative about events happening at [your company name], or a community event you're involved with so they can issue a press release.

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