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Crisis Plan Template, Overview and Accidents

NOTE: Accident, employment and emergency policies included in this outline are used as samples only. A qualified safety engineer, human resource person or attorney should write and review all materials in this plan.

The crisis plan is prepared for staff at [your organization name] so that they may have ready reference to assist with the details of their assignments. I urge each employee to become acquainted with this source of information.

The purpose of this plan is to help those seeking information about emergency or crisis situations. Its aim is to promote safety and efficiency. The information contained is current and subject to revision. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.


Reporting Employee Accidents

The immediate supervisor is responsible for the reporting of all accidents involving staff members. In his or her absence, a designated representative must sign accident forms.

Accidents are considered major if medical care is received, or if they necessitate absence from work for one-half day or more. A minor accident is one which results in any other injury.

Reporting Major Accidents

In the event of a major accident, written notice containing particulars sufficient to identify the personnel involved; reasonably obtainable information with respect to the time, place and circumstances thereof, and the names and addresses of the injured; and available witnesses shall be given to [designated personnel] as soon as possible.

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