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Managing Your Social Media Networks, Page 3

Planning  your social media effort 

The image or brand we create with our social marketing should be the same as the brand or image we create with print, radio, television and Internet.   Social media merchandising should:

  •    show the product or service in the best possible light
  •    reflect company policy on customer service
  •    appeal to customers
  •   create a forum where customers can interact with you.

Set your social media goal 

It is important to be very specific about what you want your social media to accomplish.Decide what your social media marketing goal will be:


  • Identifying existing and new customers
  •  Establishing solid customer relationships and branding 
  •  Increasing foot traffic
  •  Increasing website visits
  •  Increasing sales 

Identify your potential audience

  •  Who, exactly, will be interested?
  •  Why will they be interested?
  •   What can you offer specifically to keep them engaged

  Create criteria to evaluate your social marketing efforts

 Walk the fine line.  It’s important to find the fine line between merchandising and socializing.  Too much merchandising results in a turnoff for the user.  Again, think of the customer at your cash register, there for a little chat with you while you ring up the sale.

  • Post information that engages your customers and that they will find useful. 
  • Offer them value, like new product information or a daily sale.
  •  Try new things to give your customers a reason to interact.  Remember to give regular, respectful, professional feedback.
  • Write clear, brief messages. 
  • Think carefully about how to respond to complaints – remember that others will read your posts and expect the same treatment.
  •  Set response expectations for your customers.  Remember that what we really like is instant response

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